Elaine Shpungin Ph.D., founder and director of Conflict 180, has spent more than 25 years exploring how we can become more resilient teams, organizations, and individuals by:

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NEW: Dr. Shpungin’s new book, The Resilience Playbook, is on sale at Amazon now.
The book can be used as a study guide to complete with a small group of colleagues or friends, or as a supplement to a 12-week course facilitated by Dr. Shpungin. If interested in the course, email: elaine@conflict180.com

FOR CURRENT PLAYBOOK READERS: If you own the Playbook and want to take the assessments or find links and essays mentioned in the book, go to conflict180.com/resilience.

The Resilience Playbook offers science-based knowledge and tested tips for growing your resilience in an easy to digest, playful format. The Playbook will guide you in increasing your ability to withstand hardships, bounce back from setbacks, and face challenges with more optimism, courage, and curiosity.

Based on Dr. Shpungin’s experience with hundreds of workshop and program participants, the Playbook includes more than 40 hands-on resilience-boosting “challenges,” and offers insights on how to:

  • create a more purposeful life
  • reconnect to your sense of possibility
  • expand and deepen your support system
  • rethink your relationship to failure and fear
  • recharge your battery
  • identify defeating patterns and habits
  • build and sustain new healthy practices
  • decrease drains
  • make room for what matters most
  • find the courage to move toward your dreams and personal goals

Comments from former Playbook workshop participants:

“The tools from the program and the support from my small group have been so valuable to me. I am thrilled to be accomplishing the goals I have set out, but more importantly accomplishing them in the way I wanted.”

“This is the perfect recipe for exploring what it means to live a life with purpose by planting seeds, nurturing them, and harvesting our dreams.”

“…Thank you so much for the weeks of exploration together. I am in awe of the process and the fruits (both in seed form and starting to ripen) that have come…”

“I’m blown away by the clarity in the overall structure [of the Playbook] and in each section.”

“As I reflect back on our weeks together I really appreciate the clarity, intentionality, commitment, and purpose we gained from the program.”

“I cherish the time we shared and our explorations together, and continue to feel inspired to live life more purposefully eight months later…”



Elaine’s workshops go beyond lectures to engage participants in dialogue, problem-solving, and self-reflection. Work with Elaine to design a series just for your team or organization – or choose from a menu of popular modules such as “The Leadership Matrix”. Testimonials below.


Elaine’s one-on-one leadership coaching supports managers, directors, and administrators in accessing their clarity and wisdom during times of change, confusion, or conflict. Schedule a free introductory session. Content of sessions is completely private and confidential. Testimonials below.


Tapping into 25 years of experience with leadership, conflict, restorative justice, and communication across differences, Elaine also provides private consultations about organizational dilemmas, staff conflict, leadership questions, ethical quandaries and stuck dynamics. Testimonials below.

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What clients are saying


“As a leadership coach, Elaine can both support and challenge my thinking. When I need to process something more deeply, usually related to a conflict, Elaine can help me work through tough issues allowing me to align to my core values. When I need another perspective, I consult with Elaine. She will ask the right questions, allowing me to see things more clearly. She gives feedback without judgment helping me to understand a situation more clearly. Elaine’s leadership style is to partner with me to solve challenging issues. She worked with me to create stronger systems within my organization. Whether it is through executive coaching, offering trainings to the group, or facilitating dialogue, I can rely on Elaine to get us to the next steps. Practicing restorative leadership can be difficult without the right supports. Elaine never made me feel alone in that journey; with her experience in restorative practices, Elaine has helped me create systems to align with my beliefs and the organization’s values.” 

— Donna Kaufman, Assistant Superintendent Regional Office of Education 9

“Elaine’s consultation and coaching played a critical role in cultivating and deepening my leadership skills. Elaine was intentional in developing tailored and strategic consultation, and in doing so, provided meaningful and goal oriented outcomes. She incorporates research and best practices into her consultation, and at the same time, coached me to use my personal strengths in practicing new skills. Because of this, I was able to stay true to myself, yet grow in my leadership role.”

Lyndsey Trout, Director, ACTIONS program (at time of consult)



“Loved your humor and specific stories – both success and ‘failures’. It was a perfect mix and kept us engaged. This was life changing stuff. Really.”

“Most helpful was acceptance of ideas and encouragement to participate with positive feedback. Enjoyed the presentation – biggest takeaway was the underlying values and conflict styles. Great presentation with really helpful ideas to try out.”

“Preparing for Difficult Conversation was great  – because it helps you think through feelings and what you are hoping for.”

“It was helpful to understand the pros and cons of each conflict style – what needs are being met.”

“It helps me feel hopeful about truly working on the conflicts we encounter in school.”

“It was very informative and I learned how to utilize my Restorative skills more effectively.”

“It taught me how to get the root of things vs. automatically going off actions and feelings… The way you presented yourself was wonderful.”

“It was very helpful because it took the situation or circumstances a little deeper, provided space for better understanding.”

“Thank you. Lots of great examples and moments of humor. :)”