Whole School Restorative Shift

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At Conflict 180 we believe that your school can be Restorative. It can be a place where:

  • kids feel that they belong and matter
  • teachers feel enthusiastic about making a difference
  • people believe that what they do every day has an impact
  • constant conflict does not bog down the school’s true purpose

The Conflict 180 Whole School Restorative Shift is:

  • NOT another initiative or program for schools to purchase and add to their growing collection of underutilized manuals and discs
  • NOT a trendy tool that promises to eliminate all the ills that plague today’s complex learners
  • NOT a pre-packaged one-size-fits-all curriculum for teachers to deliver in their classrooms

The 180 Restorative Shift is an individualized, evidence based approach that allows schools to:

  • improve climate and safety
  • shift entrenched racial dynamics
  • create a common language of value-based interactions
  • transform stuck conflict patterns into opportunities for growth, learning, and connection

Conflict 180 collaborates with each setting to co-create a unique Restorative Action Plan based on your school’s needs and vision.

To increase effectiveness, the 180 Restorative Shift combines best practices from the fields of communication, restorative practices, nonviolence, racial equity, and leadership.

Considering a Whole School Restorative Shift?

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For schools wanting a TASTE OF THE 180 APPROACH or looking for PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ideas for staff, we offer a series of innovative presentations and mini-workshops on conflict styles, restorative discipline, deescalation, and restorative dialogue.

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