1. Circles in Action

A) Restorative Circles: Creating a Safe Environment for Students to Reflect  (Pearl-Cohn High School, Nashville TN; published February 2018Daily Zone Meeting Pearle-Cohen HS Nashville








B) A Restorative Approach to Discipline (Chicago Public Schools – various grades; published July 2014)Chicago Public Schools circle.png

C) Using Dialogue Circles to Support Classroom Management (Glenview Elementary, Oakland CA; published July 2014)Dialogue Circles for Classroom Management Glenview Elementary

D) Colorado High School replaces punishment with “talking circles” (Hinkley HS, Aurora CO; published February 2014)Hinkley HS Colorado circle with parents.png

2. Conflict 180 in the Media

A) Mikhail Lyubansky from Conflict 180 talks to WCIA-3 about shifting from punitive to restorative discipline (April 11, 2018)

Mikahail WCIA-3

B) WCIA-3 features Restorative Circles at Urbana High School – a Conflict 180 school

3. Restorative Principles

A) The Danger of a Single Story (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at TEDGlobal 2009) Danger of Single Story.png

B) The Power of Vulnerability (Dr. Brene Brown at TedX Houston 2010) Brene Brown Vulnerability.png