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Saying Yes in a Time of NO

THEN… When our son was an infant, he became very ill with a mysterious gastro-intestinal disorder that no one in the medical world could figure out. He was in an out of the hospital so often during this period, that our overnight bags were… Continue Reading “Saying Yes in a Time of NO”

Ten Tiny Ways to Grow Hope

The restorative theme for April is Breaking Bread. The short description in the Breaking Bread slice of the wheel is: “Committing to connection, celebration, appreciation and fun.” This month we will touch upon some of these themes as a way to help get us… Continue Reading “Ten Tiny Ways to Grow Hope”

If Fear Is the Opposite of Love

When I was younger I learned that hot was the opposite of cold, fast was the opposite of slow, and hate was the opposite of love. However, over time, I have come to believe the words of Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way: that fear, and… Continue Reading “If Fear Is the Opposite of Love”