If you work with young people or feel invested in our youth, you’ve probably wished you could find ways to:

  • promote safety and predictability without relying so heavily on punishment, threats, and control
  • create a positive climate in which more young people feel they belong and matter
  • build a more caring and compassionate community
  • interrupt cycles of violence and vengeance by getting to the root of conflicts
  • increase equity and successful outcomes for those who are traditionally over-represented in the discipline and juvenile justice system
  • support authentic remorse and responsibility taking in the face of mistakes and misunderstandings
  • restore dignity, trust, and cohesion after people have hurt each other

Our signature service is our Whole School Restorative Shift – an individualized intervention created to address your school’s unique needs. 

Other Services Include:

  • Conflict Consultations (following incidents of harm; during stuck conflict situations)
  • Short presentations or longer workshops on topics such as:
    • Conflict Styles
    • Creating Meaningful Student Connections
    • Listening Underneath the Words
    • De-Escalation With Dignity
    • Classroom Problem-Solving Circles
    • Facilitating Dialogue-Based Restorative Circles
    • Effective Apologies Using the S.O.R.R.Y. Approach
    • Preparing for Difficult Conversations
    • The 12 restorative commitments
  • Keynote Presentations at professional conferences and forums
  • Coaching on conflict facilitation, deep listening, restorative circles
  • One on one executive coaching for organization leaders
  • Innovative Materials (conflict cards, restorative worksheets)
  • Conflict 180 News and Tips (essays, case studies, tips, Q & A)

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