TIER I (Universal)

Building Community and SEL

What do students really need? (the brain science of connection) (Jan 2017)

3 ideas for starting off the semester on a restorative note (Aug 2017)

A gratitude practice kids will treasure (Nov 2017)

Four gratitude practices that improve health and wellbeing (Dec 2017)

Breaking good: 3 strategies that transform classrooms (April 2018)

Build Community Faster With These 9 Activities (Aug 2018)

180 Awesome Questions for Morning Circles, Staff Meetings, and Community Building Circles

Tier II (Targeted)

Addressing An Issue

Six reasons to involve kids in their own consequences (Nov 2017)

How a sloppy joe changed the way I teach (February 2017)

How do we battle punitive drift? (March 2017)

With whom are you struggling this week? (March 2017)

Best week ever: a restorative conversation about cell phones in class (March 2018)

Getting past non-compliance: a true story (April 2018)

Restorative is not gentle (April 2018)

Six ways to BEGIN or END the school year on a positive note (May 2018)

When colleagues are part of the problem

#1 Reason to partner with kids to problem solve sticky issues (yes- the world is getting more complex!) (September 2018)

Two steps to better parent-teacher meetings  (updated October 2018)


Tier III (Selective)

Getting to The Roots of Conflict

How 4 mornings of dialogue transformed 2 months of misery (Nov 2016)

“You’re All Racist!” – A Restorative Circle About a Sign (April 2017)

The fishbowl: a classroom story of name calling (April 2017)

HS students come together to heal after racial conflict (reprint) (Jan 2017)

A restorative comic strip about a conflict circle (by a 6th grader) (Sept 2017)

What are fights really about? (Sept 2017)

What is one way circles are tougher than giving consequences? (Oct 2017)

Restorative Leadership

Sadness as a way to experience more love – made an “essential read” by Psychology Today blog (March 2018)

Loving Kindness Meditation as a way to experience more love (March 2018)

The restorative revolution (August 2016)

Talking to kids about shootings (updated after Santa Fe)

Talking to kids about shootings (after Parkland)

How three restorative practices reduced discipline numbers in one school (Jan 2017)

The three secrets of restorative leaders (Feb 2017)

Being a light for yourself and others (Feb 2017)

What does it mean to give the “right supports”? (Feb 2017)

Do teachers actually make a difference? (May 2017)

Can you pass the plastic bag test of restorative resiliency? (Sept 2017)

What has the power to unite and transform? (Oct 2017)

Gifts that increase happiness (Dec 2017)

Self-Compassion: how this uncommon practice will support you in tough times (Jan 2018)


16 restorative tools and concepts from 2016

Happy birthday to Conflict 180 (my gratitude to YOU)

Today we celebrate YOU (World Teacher Day)