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Top 10 Ways Purpose Can Change Your Life

This fall we are tackling the four pillars of resilience:  In the last post, we examined the protective power of traveling back in time to assign strength-based meaning to past struggles. In this post, we will take a look at the importance of cultivating purpose in both our daily interactions… Continue Reading “Top 10 Ways Purpose Can Change Your Life”

Increase Resilience by Rewriting the Past

For those of you who are science fiction fans, or simply fans of social science, I have good news and less good news. Good news: Time travel is possible, right now, today. We can go into the past in our minds and shift how we… Continue Reading “Increase Resilience by Rewriting the Past”

Four Ways to Boost Your Resilience

For many of us, individually, and for our community more broadly, the past few months have brought several losses: lives lost to gun violence and illness; confidence in our ability to overcome COVID-19 lost to a barrage of alarming news; a nationwide loss in our collective… Continue Reading “Four Ways to Boost Your Resilience”

How one word is helping me feel lighter

During a time of much heaviness, small steps can lead to big shifts. Here is my experiment with making the month feel lighter.

Saying Yes in a Time of NO

During this time, we find ourselves asking: What supports do we need? What are the barriers in the way? How do we band together to find the YES behind every chorus of NO?

Beyond “I Like Your Shoes”: Aligning Feedback with Values

The restorative theme for March is Value-Driven Effective Feedback. Often, when we hear the word feedback, we imagine a formal evaluation meeting or slightly disguised criticism. However, feedback is actually neither of those things. Feedback is simply information from the environment about the IMPACT… Continue Reading “Beyond “I Like Your Shoes”: Aligning Feedback with Values”

The Courage to Be Playful

As you’ve probably noticed, this month’s theme has been courage. One of the origins of the word courage is the Old French “cuer,” meaning “heart.” We have marked February by opening our hearts to love and history, and by asking our hearts to take small difficult steps… Continue Reading “The Courage to Be Playful”

High School Students Come Together and Heal After a Racial Conflict

  – Written by IIRP staff After racial tensions erupted during a high school football game, the conflict hardened and spread throughout the two competing schools. Both communities feared that the situation would escalate and grow violent. But the two groups participated together in… Continue Reading “High School Students Come Together and Heal After a Racial Conflict”

How Four Mornings of Dialogue Transformed Two Months of Misery

It was Monday morning and Mr. Keaton was not looking forward to his 6th grade first period. Johnny and Ricky had been at it for two months, with no sign of letting up. Last Friday had been typical. In the first 10 minutes of class,… Continue Reading “How Four Mornings of Dialogue Transformed Two Months of Misery”

“You’re All Racist!” A Restorative Circle About a Sign

[Inspired by a real circle story as told to me by the circle keeper; identifying information and details changed.] ​ Taisha was a young lady with passion. On their good days, the staff and teachers at Taisha’s school reminded themselves that this was a… Continue Reading ““You’re All Racist!” A Restorative Circle About a Sign”