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Saying Yes in a Time of NO

When our son was an infant, he became very ill with a mysterious gastro-intestinal disorder that no one in the medical world could figure out. He was in an out of the hospital so often during this period, that our overnight bags were always… Continue Reading “Saying Yes in a Time of NO”

Beyond “I Like Your Shoes”: Aligning Feedback with Values

The restorative theme for March is Value-Driven Effective Feedback. Often, when we hear the word feedback, we imagine a formal evaluation meeting or slightly disguised criticism. However, feedback is actually neither of those things. Feedback is simply information from the environment about the IMPACT… Continue Reading “Beyond “I Like Your Shoes”: Aligning Feedback with Values”

The Courage to Be Playful

As you’ve probably noticed, this month’s theme has been courage. One of the origins of the word courage is the Old French “cuer,” meaning “heart.” We have marked February by opening our hearts to love and history, and by asking our hearts to take small difficult steps… Continue Reading “The Courage to Be Playful”

High School Students Come Together and Heal After a Racial Conflict

  – Written by IIRP staff After racial tensions erupted during a high school football game, the conflict hardened and spread throughout the two competing schools. Both communities feared that the situation would escalate and grow violent. But the two groups participated together in… Continue Reading “High School Students Come Together and Heal After a Racial Conflict”

How Four Mornings of Dialogue Transformed Two Months of Misery

It was Monday morning and Mr. Keaton was not looking forward to his 6th grade first period. Johnny and Ricky had been at it for two months, with no sign of letting up. Last Friday had been typical. In the first 10 minutes of class,… Continue Reading “How Four Mornings of Dialogue Transformed Two Months of Misery”

“You’re All Racist!” A Restorative Circle About a Sign

[Inspired by a real circle story as told to me by the circle keeper; identifying information and details changed.] ​ Taisha was a young lady with passion. On their good days, the staff and teachers at Taisha’s school reminded themselves that this was a… Continue Reading ““You’re All Racist!” A Restorative Circle About a Sign”

Three Strategies That Transform Classroom Dynamics and Student Lives

In my last post – What Do Students Really Need – I shared the surprising brain science behind human connection. For instance, we now know that students who feel that they belong in their school, are included by their peers, and have connection with even one caring adult, are more… Continue Reading “Three Strategies That Transform Classroom Dynamics and Student Lives”

Talking to Kids About Shootings

  In February, many of us were grieving the tragic loss of life in Florida. I hope it will still support some of you. 1. Limit exposure to footage We want to watch and read about tragic events because we think more information will… Continue Reading “Talking to Kids About Shootings”

How to Feel More Love for Our Kids (and others)

Life as a teacher or parent can be hard, and we need all the help we can get being more loving, patient, and compassionate. In the first issue in our Love series, I explored how experiencing our negative feelings can create more love and wellbeing… Continue Reading “How to Feel More Love for Our Kids (and others)”

Three Ways to Experience More Love

This month I’ve been exploring the concept of love and wondering about how to have a more open heart. This three part series shares three ways I have re-remembered (with the help of others) how to bring more love into my life. Part 1:… Continue Reading “Three Ways to Experience More Love”