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Shifting from Drama to Dialogue

We often express irritation and exasperation with other people’s “drama”.

However, how careful are we in avoiding the pitfalls of drama in our own lives?

Beyond “I Like Your Shoes”: Aligning Feedback with Values

The restorative theme for March is Value-Driven Effective Feedback. Often, when we hear the word feedback, we imagine a formal evaluation meeting or slightly disguised criticism. However, feedback is actually neither of those things. Feedback is simply information from the environment about the IMPACT… Continue Reading “Beyond “I Like Your Shoes”: Aligning Feedback with Values”

Restorative is Not Gentle

People often share with me how they have handled a difficult situation, with the following caveats: “Elaine, this was probably not restorative, but I told her:  ‘I don’t want to be spoken to that way. It’s not ok.’ “ “So I did NOT use… Continue Reading “Restorative is Not Gentle”

The Fishbowl: A Classroom Circle Story

This is a TRUE story told to me by Ms. Goforit – whose 7th graders had a small conflict (some name calling) the day before. Let’s call the involved students Angry, Bored, and Clever. Ms. Goforit knew she did not have time to prep all… Continue Reading “The Fishbowl: A Classroom Circle Story”

Two Steps to Better Parent Teacher Meetings

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or both, parent-teacher conferences do not have to be stressful. Instead, they can be an opportunity for everyone to get on the same page on how to best support our children. This is because, underneath all the facts,… Continue Reading “Two Steps to Better Parent Teacher Meetings”

The Three Secrets of Restorative Leadership

Whether you are a teacher or a preacher, a mentor or a manager, a coach or a caretaker – if you are trying to guide and influence others in this world – you are a leader. There is much advice out there about effective leadership… Continue Reading “The Three Secrets of Restorative Leadership”

How One School Dramatically Decreased Discipline Numbers

Last week, in “How A Sloppy Joe Changed the Way I Teach” I sharedone teacher’s true story about a restorative shift in her approach to students. This week I share how one school has used three restorative practices to dramatically decrease their discipline numbers.… Continue Reading “How One School Dramatically Decreased Discipline Numbers”

How A Sloppy Joe Changed the Way I Teach

Photo by Dept of Ed (2004 CC BY 2.0) [True story told to me by a local teacher. All identifying information changed.] It was Wednesday morning and Ashanti was sleeping at her desk again. I was so fed up! These students don’t care about… Continue Reading “How A Sloppy Joe Changed the Way I Teach”

Three Strategies That Transform Classroom Dynamics and Student Lives

In my last post – What Do Students Really Need – I shared the surprising brain science behind human connection. For instance, we now know that students who feel that they belong in their school, are included by their peers, and have connection with even one caring adult, are… Continue Reading “Three Strategies That Transform Classroom Dynamics and Student Lives”

What Do Students Really Need?

Of course there is no doubt that our students are in need of many things. As schools are being asked to do more with less, educators can begin to feel like magicians, juggling priorities and pulling tricks out of their top hats. Yet, the… Continue Reading “What Do Students Really Need?”