Birthday Messages

Copy of Conflict 180 Birthday (1 yr) for site

10 Comments on “Birthday Messages

  1. Last Friday was our first community-building circle. Already, it’s so powerful. I’ve been bringing listening underneath into as many interactions as I can this school year, and it’s helping so much. It’s helping me remain ME in the midst of conflicts small and large. It’s helping me be a leader in important ways. It’s helping me build relationships with students more quickly than ever before. I am so grateful for your leap of faith and for the work that you’re doing with us. It is so needed and so beautiful.


    • Thank you for the message, Kate. I am so grateful that people like you take restorative ideas and infuse them into your life. I am particularly grateful because you work with young people and I truly believe this is one of the ways we can transform the world!


  2. Conflict 180 has been a really positive influence on my life. I just finished my graduate degree in education at the University of Illinois, and thanks to The work you all are doing, was able to build the relationships I needed to write a really amazing thesis on conflict in schools. I can honestly say I could not have done the work I did during my time in school without conflict 180. I hope this is the first of many birthdays! I’m in much better researcher and educator as a result.


    • Thank you for the message, Mark. I am grateful for the time we had working together on conflict and restorative ways of being – and for what you are bringing into the world. I feel confident that you will bring your critical eye and passion for change into the work you are doing now with young people and teachers.


  3. I have not yet used any of the strategies, but I plan to use the temperature check often to gauge how students are feeling. “Restorative” is always at the forefront of my mind though!


    • Hi Rashod. It’s great to start wherever you are and go from there. As Paulo Freire said “We make the road by walking”. I wish you good winds along your journey – and please reach out with questions!


  4. So grateful for your insights, encouragement and wisdom! We have come so far in our first year of implementation. We couldn’t have done it without you!!


    • Thank you, Lore. You are a grade partner in this work and I am grateful for your passion, insight, and can-do spirit. Looking forward to a continuing productive collaboration!


  5. Elaine! Your leap of faith brought me & so many right along with you: watching you through this process and learning alongside, I am deepening my own willingness to risk, to play big, to go for my truest dreams. You teach me so much about how to engage soulful business with spiritual integrity — how to lead with love, as a professional. As you support more schools in setting up systems, I feel my faith in possibility grow as well as my own passion for setting up “kitchens” ~ restorative laboratories including yoga, song, dance, video, gardens === multimedia safe spaces that provide nourishing “soil” for this restorative revolution to thrive inside. Thank you for daring to walk in your heart’s medicine and for lighting this path! And for your good humor all the livelong day. I look forward to the continued adventure, with lots of laughter mixed in. 🙏🏽


    • Thanks for this wonderful message, Lyndsey. This reflection of myself in your eyes is so sweet. I very much appreciate having your companionship, love, song, and inquiry on this journey we are all taking together. I also look forward to the continued adventure with you.


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