4 Easy Gratitude Exchanges for Festive Meals

This week, whether you are having an intimate meal with 1-2 people, joining forces with a dozen relatives and friends, or eating takeout, try one of these Gratitude Exchanges to bring the real spirit of the season into your home.

Hint: This is not like saying grace, so feel free to eat and drink while exchanging these appreciations.

(1) FOR GROUPS OF ANY SIZE: Everyone exchanges 3 random gratitudes with their elbow partner (not about them but whatever each person is thankful for). This is done all at the same time. Ready, set, appreciate!

(2) FOR LARGE GROUPS: Everyone shares one gratitude with the person on their left, creating an appreciation chain or appreciation domino effect. This is done one person at a time so everyone can hear.

(3) FOR SMALL GROUPS: Everyone names one thing they appreciate about each person there, while everyone else listens.

(4) FOR SMALL GROUPS: Everyone lists 3 things for which they are grateful this year while everyone else listens. 

Whatever you are celebrating this week, I am celebrating you for all that you do for our kids, families, and communities.


P.S. I am feeling especially grateful today because we were reunited with our runaway pup this morning, who’d been missing since Saturday. That was a long, cold weekend of worry!

Interested in more positive practices like these? Check out Elaine’s new workbook on Amazon, with 40 “challenges” that help grow purpose, possibility, connection, and courage in the new year.

The Resilience Playbook

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