If Fear Is the Opposite of Love

Fear Dr. King
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Courage Hurston
When I was younger I learned that hot was the opposite of cold, fast was the opposite of slow, and hate was the opposite of love.

However, over time, I have come to believe the words of Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Waythat fear, and not hate, is actually the opposite of love.

Cameron talks about the way fear blocks our clarity and inner truth. She says that all of us have a compass which shows us the way north – and that fear is like static which obscures the needle from us. Thus, fear is one of the things that blocks us from right action.

As I have written previously in “Restorative is Not Gentle“, one aspect of being restorative is being courageous. It is having the fierceness to face the elephants in our midst and tell tell truth with love. It is being able to have courageous conversations that uphold the dignity of all involved.

Thus, taking restorative action may mean having the courage to face something (or someone) we have been avoiding – with the goal of clearing away some of the brambles and making a path forward together. It may mean reaching out, reaching in, or reaching through our fear.

If truth sends us a letter, will we open it and read it as though it comes from a close friend?

The antidote to fear is action

What is the smallest courageous action you are willing to take this week?

  • writing an email or text that is overdue?
  • reaching out to you-know-who to have coffee?
  • expressing regret for something you have done?
  • expressing affection to someone you have been forgetting?
  • reaching out for support from a small group of like-minded people?
  • role-playing a difficult conversation with a friend – with care for the dignity of all involved?
  • taking a baby step towards something that has been heavy in your heart?

If fear is the opposite of love, let us celebrate this month by taking small courageous steps toward becoming un-stuck and un-afraid.

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